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About us


Our vision is to create an environment where children grow up as competent and confident learners and communicators, healthy in mind, body and spirit, secure in their sense of belonging and in knowledge that they make a valued contribution to society.



Who are we?


Nga Tamariki is a parent-cooperative. This means parents have direct input into their child's education, in how the centre is governed and in the daily operation of the centre. Parents enjoy working alongside the teaching team to ensure that the children get the best educational and environmental experience that we can offer.


At Nga Tamariki we believe in:

  • Providing exciting, holistic learning
  • Empowering children to develop skills for life
  • Creating an environment in which children's interests and development will be encouraged and supported
  • Providing a nurturing environment that ensures quality care and education
  • Upholding the heritage of Aotearoa, inclusive of all cultures
  • Respecting the Treaty of Waitangi through the provision of resources, Tikanga and Te Reo
If you want to read our ERO report in full go to resources and click on the link.

Our Philosophy
Our philosophy image shows what we believe in. The roots of the flax show how the collaboration and support of each other promotes healthy, positive learning experiences for the children in our centre environment. 

Programme Planning


At Nga Tamariki we provide a programme which empowers young children to self-direct their own learning. This is seen through children having time and space to explore their interests, develop problem solving skills and being able to express themselves as individuals. Teachers support children’s interest by taking the time to talk to them about their ideas and listen to what they are telling us.


Children become the planners and teachers become the learners. Teachers follow the children’s lead and provide support, resources, conversation and celebration following their  interest and journey they take us on.



“Teachers are aware of the variety of ways children express and explore their growing and understandings of the world, and use a range of strategies to futher promote their learning. Educators build children's confidence to explore and perserve with challenge."

ERO Report February 2014


Infant and Toddler Care


The teachers provide respectful practices for all infants and toddlers; Build positive relationships with children and provided high quality care. Teachers respect infants and toddlers as individuals and ensure their needs are always met. They are provided with unhurried time and space to develop at their own pace.

“Babies and toddlers are well nurtured in a calm, peaceful environment. Teachers are highly attuned to infant’s needs. They engage in responsive interactions and adapt to the rhythms of each individual”

ERO report February 2014



Orientation and Settling Procedures


We ask that you and your child visit the centre prior to attending to begin their settling process. We encourage every child to have a minimum of three settling visits. Each child will have a kaiarahi (contact teacher) who with and alongside them while transitioning into the centre. The kaiarahi will have detailed discussions with the family on your child's development, interests, behaviour, sleeping and eating requirements. 

Parents are encouraged to stay with their child for the first visit, to settle the child into the centre and to demonstrate that they feel happy and comfortable with their child's new environment. Children are welcome to bring their own cuddly or special toy from home to help with the settling in period.  


More detailed information is available in our prospectus, if you would like a copy of this prosepctus please get in touch with us through our Contact Us page.




All the meals at the centre are provided everyday. 

Nga Tamariki has a gold healthy heart award, providing healthy and nutritious meals. Check out our menu below.








Fish cakes



Mince Chow Mein

Roast chicken



Italian Pasta hotpot

Mince and Lentil pie

Homemade beef hamburgers

One pot tuna

with peas

Corn on the cob


Savoury mince




Chicken and vegetable lasagne

Pumpkin Soup

Toast/ garlic bread

Sweet and sour pork balls


Fresh veges

Salmon and rice with cheese sauce


Chop Suey

With Vegetables

Country chicken      Casserole

Pasta bake with mince and veggies

Tuna and vegetable pie

Roast Chicken,

Potato, kumara


Chicken and vegetable risotto

Quesadillas (beans and cheese)  Coleslaw

Vegetarian pizza with cheese.

Homemade potato wedges.


Fresh vegetables change according to seasonal availability and can include:

broccoli                zucchini           carrot          kumara            cabbage

cauliflower          pumpkin          tomato        silver beet       egg plant

capsicum            potato             parsnip      mushroom      corn


Morning & Afternoon Tea consists of the following:



                        Fruit and raw vegetables

                        Home baking


Water is freely available throughout the day for over two children and is offered regularly to under two children, water is also provided with each meal. Milk is offered at morning tea and afternoon tea.





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